- Sun Tzu 'The Art of War'

In this instance, it's the opportunity to meet together in a whole new way.

I am thankful for the technology which supports us to connect with each other during this time.  It is my intention to create a space where we can meet up either as individuals or in groups to workshop together. 

It is the opportunity to explore and practice lifestyle choices which create health and well being, establishing new patterns which support us not only now, but in our lives after this time of isolating.

Welcome to One Breath. 


  1. Exploring the five elements and applying this understanding and it's associated practices to create resilience, harmony and balance in our lives and those of the people around us.

  2. Activating acu-points to enhance well being expressed though an element

  3. Qi gathering and storing techniques

  4. Meditations to quieten the heart and mind

  5. Meditations to balance and promote well being by consciously directing energy.

Internal harmonious rhythms support external harmonious structure - this builds resilience and well being in ourselves, our families and our communities. 



Current Session times


Five Element Course begins 

Monday 4th May -12 Noon 

Wednesday 6th May - 11 am

Friday 8th May - 2pm

Course fee is $100 per person


Individuals Sessions are $80

All individual session times are by request

- Georgia Mugan, Red Crane Acupuncture



Georgia Mugan - 027 296 2538

I will clear messages once a day.